Rosebud Reminder Clock gaining recognition in 2017

January 17, 2023

The Rosebud Reminder clock has be gaining many fans since it’s release earlier this year. The products growing reputation has seen a number of Local authorities, Retailers and Care providers all getting on board and offering to their customers and service user respectively.

This reputation has again been further enhanced this week with Rosebud being included in the the Access and Mobility Professional publication Products of the Year 2017. you can read about it Here

But What is the Rosebud Reminder Clock?

Well the Rosebud Reminder clock has been a labour of love for Ravencourt, spending months in development with Healthcare professionals, Care givers and reviews by leading Charities to get it to where it is today. The key features like the 17 in built alarms, 4 display screens and audio and visual prompts give this product real purpose to go with the pleasing on the eye frame and bright hi-contrast display. Better still is the fact that you can really make Rosebud your own, with the ability to build your own purpose built alarm files, meaning whoever or whatever needs to be seen and heard can be.

If after reading that you still aren’t sure why not pop over the our YouTube Channel and watch the video of Rosebud in action.

We are really looking forward to introducing Rosebud to more and more people in 2018. So whether you are someone who is caring for a person with Dementia, a Healthcare Professional who’s patients could benefit or a Retailer beginning to look at which products you should be offering to those with Dementia then this would be a good starting point.

To learn more about Ravencourt Living’s range of products you can contact us via email and phone

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