In September 2018, Fergal Powell joined the team at Ravencourt. A young, full-stack developer from Dublin with a mission to make walking safer for vulnerable individuals.

“Oli contacted me through a mutual contact at the Dublin Institute of Technology,” recalls Fergal. 

“I jumped at the chance to work on this project as I’d created something similar during my university years so I knew that it was possible. Our goals were to make the app easy to use, even for novice tablet and smartphone users. We also wanted to include a Geo Fencing feature- which means the device can notify you when it enters or exits certain ‘places’. 

Additionally, the app records journey history, enabling users to view previous journeys as well real time locations. I really embraced Ravencourt’s design and innovation techniques. If a function was unnecessary, we removed it. This simplified the whole process for the user and will make this combined physical product and mobile app the best user experience available in this field.

Ravencourt MD, Oli Story explained that the development has long been in the pipeline: “The GPS devices have sold well and done a good job, but from the beginning we saw that so much more could be done with this and a lot of the set up could be automated with a mobile application. We reviewed a lot of available apps but they were all lacking that attention to detail and user experience that we knew could be achieved.” Find out more about the new app at