Safer Walking GPS Location Device


The Safer Walking GPS Locator is now available.

The benefits of walking, social interaction and exercise to a person living with dementia are widely documented including the potential of slowing down the progression of the disease. Equally as important is to have appropriate safe guarding measures in place for if things go wrong. Dementia can leave people disorientated not knowing where they are or how to get home. Locating missing persons quickly and efficiently can be a matter of life and death. The Safer Walking GPS Locator exists to provide a safe guarding measure so that a person living with dementia can be encouraged to continue to get outside and walk, live well and enjoy social interaction and independence

The Safer Walking GPS Locator works in conjunction with the Safer Waking App (available to download from google play or app store). Easy set up and easy to use. You can view the location live on the app. You can receive SOS notifications and Low battery alerts. You can also set zones (sometimes called geofences) easily in the app and receive notification when the device enters/exits these zones. You may wish to put a zone around the home so that you are made aware when the person using the device exits the house and when they return home. You can set as many zones as you like from 100m upto 1.5km in diameter. You can view 1 months worth of route history. You can make a two way voice call to the device at any time. Simply press the call icon in the  app and the device will ring and then auto answer. You can speak to the person with the locator and they can speak back to you through their Safer Walking GPS locator.

  • Water resistant
  • Roaming SIM included
  • Two way voice calling
  • Register an account at 
  • £14.99 per month includes all sim activity and app usage for up to 5 people.

RRP £99.90


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