Gardening is an immensely popular past-time, but a you get older or lose your mobility it gets more difficult to access your garden. Spending time outdoors and in the garden has proven health benefits – and research also shows that it can engage the senses and provide those with Alzheimer’s positive emotions that they may no longer experience regularly.

Aside from this, there are many more benefits from gardening that we want people to enjoy. Gardening is a fantastic way for different generations to do something together that they can all enjoy, particularly for grandparents with their grandchildren. It helps maintain and existing skill set and creates a sense of purpose for your loved one too. If it’s done as a group, such as in a care home environment, it can also aid in creating a sense of community that other activities may not.

All in all, gardening is not something that you should shy away from when you get older. If you struggle with mobility, using raised beds or planters are a great way to make things more accessible and avoid bending or stretching. Sharp tools, splinters and toxic plants should be avoided too and – if you’ve got good weather – avoid the hottest hours of the day and be sure to wear a hat and sun cream!

At The Easy Gardening Company we have one clear goal – making gardening accessible so everyone can enjoy it. We designed a range of planters that can be used whilst seated, standing or from a wheelchair. They are small enough so that every corner is reachable without stretching, but large enough so you can grow plenty of flowers or veg.

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Tom Pannell

Tom Pannell

Co Founder - Easy Gardening Company

Our planters come with a 20 year guarantee and are made from recycled plastic here in Great Britain. No need to paint or treat every and will look great after many many winters.