We have found that awareness has been the main barrier to sales volume for retail shops. We teamed up with Alzheimer’s Society and Designability to create Living Well With Dementia point of sale display unit.

This gives us some extra real estate to educate the consumer about what the products are and what the benefits are. With nearly a million people in the UK now living with dementia each of which with a network of family, friends and carers who could be making buying decisions on their behalf, this is a really important market if you have a retail space.

Living Well With Dementia point of sale display unit include three simple products which help to solve common problems such as being confused about time and place, finding hard to carry out familiar daily tasks and memory loss:

1. The Safer Walking GPS locator Winner of the best independence product or service at the 2019 Occupational Therapy Show.

A lot of family members and carers spend a lot of time worrying about the whereabouts of people living with dementia. The Safer Walking GPS locator can bring piece of mind and a way of locating and communicating with a person who has gotten lost and confused.

2. The One Button Radio

We included the One Button Radio to the range for entertainment. Sometimes a person living with dementia can forget how to carry out simple tasks like operating a standard radio and this can put them off using one. We know that music and radio can be great therapy for a person living with dementia, so a simple one button operation is fantastic and can allow people to use a radio independently for longer.

3.The Rosebud Reminder Clock

The Rosebud Reminder Clock is one of our best selling products. It was designed in association with healthcare professionals, to provide a very simple time format and reminders, which can enable people living with dementia to maintain independence for longer. For eg, ‘It’s time to have a glass of water’ or ‘it’s time for lunch’ These reminders can be pivotal to keeping people hydrated and living within a routine.

By popular demand we have introduced a remote control to the Rosebud reminder clock. Meanwhile the Rosebud reminder clock can still be controlled by the buttons on the back. We have also added automatic time change for daylight saving.

Together we can help hundreds of thousands of people to live well with dementia!



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